IMX’s got a brand new look!

After several years of sporting the same old look, we decided it was time for a facelift! Our website has been somewhat redesigned (hopefully made better!) and we’ve changed our branding colours!¬†


Is your website due for a change?

Although you don’t want to change your website look (and your branding for that matter) too often, from time to time it’s a good ¬†practice! You need to keep things fresh, keep your customers excited about what you’re doing. Just don’t change too often or they’ll completely loose interest!

Even the big websites like Google and Apple change their looks from time to time and if you don’t believe me, just google their original websites, it’s pretty funny (and out of style!).

Take a look at our web design portfolio to see examples of websites we’ve given a facelift to recently: click here

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