Most people Rob’s age are just starting out on the road to accomplishment.  At 29, Rob has conquered the world… and beyond!

By all appearances, Rob is your typical third degree Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, XMA instructor, writer, director, producer, special effects master, gifted graphic artist, avid social networker, internet marketer and successful businessman.

Did I mention he’s an amazing gourmet cook too?

Rob sets impeccable standards for himself and all his work.  These standards, his personal integrity and his passion for design quality and creativity have propelled him through the Print Media and Small & Medium Enterprise Management programs at Algonquin College with flying colours.

Who else would be able to redefine online video marketing through the world wide martial arts video series the NX Files?  Originally a simple 5 minute “innocent” Webmercial, this force has exploded into a two season viral series that has opened doors to new creative ventures, parallel dimensions and so much more.  The NX Files series has been Rob’s battleground upon which he has morphed from a “kid with a camcorder” to a world heavyweight video and film champion.

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