eLearning Development & Production

Ensure better retention & generate more revenue per employee by implementing interactive content online eLearning programs.

Bring the classroom to life with a full range of eLearning content and implementation solutions. HD video production, interactive captivating eLearning platforms, reporting and testing, gamification and much more1

The most cost-efficient way to train YOUR employees or customers


“eLearning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%.”

- The Research Institute of America Study

(Meaning more effective and much cheaper than traditional training methods.)


  • IMX eLearning extends your reach!
  • Reach and train all staff – quickly & easily 
  • Educate and engage your clients!
  • All responses tracked and measured!

Manager: What if we train our staff and they leave?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

IMX computer based eLearning is a fast, efficient way to reach and train staff at a fraction of the cost of traditional training!

Train your staff on:

  • New software or enterprise applications
  • Policy changes
  • New procedures, methodologies

Train and engage customers and clients

  • User instructions
  • Demonstrate value propositions
  • Fully interactive, entertaining, memorable, available 24/7!

eLearning – The Difference


For every dollar spent on training, companies can receive $30 worth of productivity gains.  IBM

The average online learner is 34 years old. – Learning on Demand Report

Companies who offer best practice eLearning and on-the-job-training generate around 26% more revenue per employee. ELearning! Magazine 2013

A survey of HR managers indicated 12% of HR managers listed not enough training “as the top reason for employees leaving. Career Builder 2012

Companies are 34% more able to respond to the needs of the customer. Bersin & Associates Study

If you need to reach, inform or update staff skills in a hurry, IMX eLearning provides professionally developed training and education to a potentially unlimited number of people worldwide. 

IMX eLearning combines the latest eLearning technologies, instructional design, HD video production techniques and breathtaking graphic design to bring your classroom training experience to life online.

IMX eLearning can be used as standalone Computer Based Training courses, added to learning management systems to garner trainee discussions, or an entire suite of courses.

How about the ultimate social engagement vehicle? Massive Open Online Courses are turning out to be a platform for engaging clients, viewers, trainees or students to share ideas and opinions. These courses are now the place where distinctive social networks are formed. Can you see the potential for your business?


IMX Productions uses a 3 step instructional design process to develop and implement the appropriate eLearning solution for your needs. Here are the steps in a nutshell:

STEP 1 - eLearning Development

  • Determine eLearning goals
  • Detail behaviour changes required
  • Detail learning points
  • Audience breakdown 
  • Content analysis and evaluation
  • Measurement criteria, metrics

STEP 2 - eLearning Creation

  • Rapid Storyboarding
  • Rapid scripting
  • Quiz/test/game design
  • Outlining, look and feel development
  • HD video production & editing
  • Graphic & interactive component design
  • Reporting formats
  • QA review

STEP 3 - eLearning Implementation

  • Mobile optimization
  • Learning Management System (LMS) deployment
  • Course testing & re-evaluation
  • Review and approval

Ready to start YOUR eLearning course creation?

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