We’ve been working hard here to convert our massive site mobile friendly but it finally paid off! Our site is now fully compatible with all mobile devices! Check out this cool animation we put together to demonstrate the power of mobile web:


It wasn’t too long ago, no one even used the term “mobile web” or “mobile website” but nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet computer so most, in not half, of people visiting your website are doing so on a mobile device!¬†

Give a potential client¬†your business card with web address, do you really think they’ll wait until they home to their desktop computer to view your site? No, no… if they’re indeed interested in what you have to offer, they’ll whip out that phone and check out your site on the go! …and sadly, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you may loose a customer!! Bad for business!!!


Now a lot of cheap website themes and free online builders now offer a mobile site version that immediately recognizes a mobile device and displays a mobile version. Hey! These are great for simple sites with plain text and pictures.. but as soon as your website gets a bit more complex; with galleries, tables, video playlists, HTML5 or Flash, etc… These simple mobile plugins won’t be able to keep up!

What’s the answer?

Mobile plugins are a great start, but to properly convert your website and make sure there are no bugs and/or badly converted sections, you need custom built mobile pages, graphics, navigation and more! The same webpage, the same branding but with a look and feel that speaks to mobile devices!

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