Happy Holidays from IMX and the Visual Effects Cafe!

This is the third version of our Visual Effects Cafe (VFX Cafe) video production series… and it’s just in time for the Holiday season! …And we all know, the best way to spread holiday cheer is with a green screen! …well maybe not the best way 😛

We started with the same green template as our 2 previous VFX Cafe videos. The first thing to do was some snow to the cafe background. After some color correction and particle systems, we had a nice winter scene for our video production.

The next step was the snowglobe, using 3D Studio Max, we created and animated a 3D snowglobe which we could then superimpose our cafe scene on top.  

So in the end, it really wasn’t that difficult… it just required several hours of video editing and rendering! 🙂


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