When it comes to elearning or computer-based/CBT modules, how much control do you give your learners? A few years ago I took a really well done CBT on basic coaching skills for new hockey coaches. The content was great, visually pleasing… I was impressed!

What frustrated me was each new page was timed; I had no way to progress through the course at my own speed! ARGH! After 2 -3 slides the pace was slow as m-o-l-a-s-s-s-e-s-! It really took away from the learning experience.

We have found that overall, elearners are much more proficient than most expect. That’s why we favour adding custom control buttons that allow elearners to advance through a module at their own pace.

Adding extras widgets or buttons to give control increases interaction, focus and satisfaction. What really helps is adding in unexpected events and a little dab or two of gamified extras! We have been developing cool elearning or “CBT” modules for several years now… and we love it!

All the best for 2019!

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