Video Marketing Tip of the Day: Inject some humour into your videos!


No one likes to watch dull videos, so don’t be boring! It doesn’t matter what your topic or business subject is, find a way to make the video light and fun so your audience will enjoy watching it and hopefully want to share it with friends and colleagues. 

Only the mass audiences decide which videos go viral, not you, not the marketing, not the video editor… just the audiences! By adding humour to videos, you increase your chances of making a winning viral video that people will gladly share and watch over and over!

Now you don’t have to be a comedian to inject humour, I’m not saying you need to write and prepare jokes, just be yourself and be creative and the humour will flow naturally. Also, don’t try to emulate anyone else. A lot of great YouTubers and video marketers have their own unique style that works for them… don’t try and copy them! Find your own unique style!


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