That’s right folks! We shot on Valentine’s Day!

IMX is wrapping up production on the next two episodes of NX Files which are WAY LONG overdue! With these new episodes, we have been perfecting our green screen techniques and our new 3D environments. It’s going to be something pretty special! 🙂

Click here to view the gallery on Flickr!

So with most of the fighting done for these two episodes, all that is left is wrapping up dialogue scenes and inserts which is what we covered that day. 

On set sunday morning was Myself (Robert Baldwin) shooting and directing the first 2 scene and then I got to fight some ninjas as my character “Krush”

Our lead actor and stunt choreographer Alain Moussi was also there playing the role of Spike and his evil clone Ronin. Playing the role of Tragos was our amazing new stuntman Dennis Lafond. Also present was John Purchase (Mr. Black), Pascal Aka (Guest director, Camera man) and Gabrielle Lajoie (Makeup artist, still photographer).

NX Files in now entering “editing more” for the next little while! So stay tuned, 2 brand new action packed episodes are heading your way! 🙂

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