That’s a wrap!

Last Friday, we wrapped up production for our short film: Pirates vs Ninjas …and not a minute too soon! With winter upon us, we were all eager to stop shooting outdoors! Needless to say, there was plenty of hot coffee on set! 

We shot once again at Fallingbrook falls and completed the extensive fight choreography put together by stunt actors Dennis Lafond and Alain Moussi. It’s truely a pleasure working with such professionals. Their dedication is outstanding, always ready to do one more take, push one step further, whatever it takes to get the shot right and pull off a great fight sequence! Thanks guys!

Now the movie enters the next stage: Post-Production! It’s time to sit back and edit the footage into the long hours of the night! …but at least it’s toasty warm inside 🙂 Be sure to check back soon for updates, a trailer is now in the works.

The official theatrical poster is also complete, along with 2 really cool character posters! A special thanks goes out to Kira Beriault Photography for the photos. Check out the posters on the facebook page or on IMX’s flickr page.


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