I got hit in the first video in this series. Alain, one of my business partners and “friend” (so I thought) cracked me on the bean for being too generous by offering a 20% discount for all new projects booked before December 23rd.  He wanted to offer 10% but – hey, its Christmas! 

But as the title says; revenge is sweet!  This second video reveals how I exact revenge on the guy… well more like I give him the opportunity to “cool off”.

We shot his video in my family room and thankfully my dogs cooperated!  It took about 10 minutes to shoot and Rob (the guy in the TV) threw in some fantastic special effects.  The video was uploaded to our YouTube channel and our site in a day or so.

Like I said in my previous blog, we had contracts within 3 days with the first video.   

It only took ONE DAY after tweeting this video before we had signed contracts.  ONE DAY!

This second video had a cumulative effect for those who watched the first one.  Plus it also reached viewers who missed the first one. I’m assuming that they also went back to watch the first.

Video has so many benefits…

Cheers all!


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