Saturday October 23rd 2010 was our first shoot for the Pirates vs Ninja short film. Although a little cold, it was still bright and sunny and NOT raining! …perfect for shooting!

The day started off at Petrie Island in Orleans, where our actors got their makeup and costumes on. We shot the first scene where the Pirate arrives on the beach looking for his treasure. Little does he know that a Ninja is stalking him.


We met up with Ashley Burke of CBC News who interviewed us about the project and captured some sounds throughout the day! Can’t wait to hear the final product! 🙂

We then moved on to the nearby Fallingbrook Falls where we shot the action! This of course is the exciting part! We shot the fight scenes for about 5 hours until unfortunately, we began loosing daylight. It was time to call it a wrap, watch the dailies and plan for the next shoot!

A great thanks to our actors Alain Moussi and Dennis Lafond, who performed superbly. The IMX team would also like to thank our crew (Gabrielle Lajoie, Amanda Davis and Justin Saikaley) for helping out!

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