We are an Ottawa video production company.  We put this short video together last year to announce or 20% off holiday special. Not only did we have an absolute blast doing it, this video proved to be a knockout! Here’s why:

  1. It took very little time to make
  2. It portrays us as we are – real and approachable.
  3. It shows that our product is professional quality
  4. It gets our important message across in a compelling way (20% off!)
  5. It captures and holds the viewer for the entire video
  6. It brought in contract$! (We tweeted this last year and we had contracts in 3 days!)
  7. It brought in several inquiries
  8. We met lots of new leads
  9. We can reuse this year after year!

People ask how much? We tell them this type of video is WAY less than a single small newspaper ad. Seriously! 

Keep an eye out for the next video coming in a few days. 



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