Seminar Videography to fast paced action video trailer

Filming a seminar or an event and creating a web video is a great way to promote your business in a fun way! There is however a critical technique to this… and that is the length of the video. Filming an hour long seminar and posting an hour long video production online is absurd and useless! No one is going to sit and watch a video that long, (unless of course it’s a training video and you’re targeting people wanting to learn that material), but for a strictly promotional tool, a video should be short and sweet!

How short? 

This can vary but generally a 1 to 2 minute web video is all you should need. Any longer and audiences will either not watch it in full or simply skim through it (and you know exactly what I’m talking about, you’ve done it youself!! We all have!)

Think in shots

The second tip is how to film the seminar. While shooting your video production, you have to “think in shots”. This is the difference between a home video and a professional video production. Home videos are simple, you hold the camera and you point at the action, plain and boring. A Professional videographer who “thinks in shots” is different, every time he or she presses record, they are thinking about angles, movement, framing, etc… All the artistic aspects of creating a dynamic shot.

Editing, music is key 

Lastly, editing is very important. Good choice of music to accompany the footage is key. You must always edit to music (especially when editing an action video). This means you don’t edit the video then randomly throw in music, you edit to your music, the visuals should match the audio.

A good videographer should be able to turn a long and boring seminar into a fast-paced entertaining 1-2 minute web video. Its all about the shots and the editing.

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