Here’s a Quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip for all you business owners or blogger who operate a website (really, this should be everyone!).  


Google has gotten pretty smart over the years. In fact, each and every day, Google comes up with new ways of making sure that the Meta Tags you use truthfully reflect the  content on your site.

You’re probably saying to yourself: “well that’s fine with me because I’m never misleading with my website content” …and that’s true, you’re probably not!

…but let me ask you this: Does your webpage use a lot of links like:

“click here”

“read more”

Or “check it out”

Think about it, let’s say your niche keyword is “graphic design”. That keyword appears 3 times on your front page and the words “read more” appear 5 times… which keyword term do you think you will rank higher with?? 

Who searches the web for “read more”?  Nobody! So ranking high with this keyword is useless!!


Every site needs a “read more”, if you’re listing your products or services or simply showing snippets of your most recent blog posts, you’re going to need a whole lot of “read more” links.

So the trick is to use images instead! Create a small JPEG of a button that says “Read more!”. It’s more attractive, people are more likely to click and best of all, the Google crawlers won’t see it!

On top of that, you can use the image’s ALT description to add your niche keyword “graphic design”. So even though the button says “read more”, the Google crawler sees “graphic design”… Brilliant!!

So look for these phrases and terms that show up often on your site, things like “see all products” or “show me prices” or “buy now”. If it appears more than twice on a page, consider using a button so that Google really focuses on your keywords instead.


Good Luck! 

Rob Baldwin.


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