Skreamers” Ottawa’s most terrifying Halloween experience is put on by the Kiwanis Club of Orleans!  It is an absolute must for anyone ready to get scared out of their wits and have a blast!  Skreamers is an annual fundraising project that is the result of hundreds of volunteers, both of this world… and beyond.  Skreamers features:

  1. Orleans Asylum for the Criminally Insane
  2. Scary Wagon Ride
  3. Barn of Terror
  4. Back of the Barn
  5. Creepy Canteen

The Skreamers crew uses a combination of very simple and effective seasonal road signs, a fun website, and great spots on local TV to spread their terrifying tale!

Last year, Skreamers head honcho “Master Creep” realised it was time to spread awareness and appeal for this horrifying entertainment to a much wider audienfce AND very quickly. 

The decision was made to have IMX make a quick video after Master Creep saw our Star Wars parody.  

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