e-Learning is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional classroom training. There are so many advantages to online training. 

If you need to reach, inform or update staff skills in a hurry, IMX eLearning provides professionally developed training and education to a potentially unlimited number of people worldwide. 

IMX eLearning combines the latest eLearning technologies, instructional design, HD video production techniques and breathtaking graphic design to bring your classroom training experience to life online.

IMX eLearning can be used as standalone Computer Based Training courses, added to learning management systems to garner trainee discussions, or an entire suite of courses.

How about the ultimate social engagement vehicle? Massive Open Online Courses are turning out to be a platform for engaging clients, viewers, trainees or students to share ideas and opinions. These courses are now the place where distinctive social networks are formed. Can you see the potential for your business?

Check out our e-Learning Video Demonstration to explain a little more about e-Learning:


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