Almost a year ago, the IMX team set out to create a new short film: Pirates vs Ninjas. This Ottawa video production was filmed at Petrie Island and in a local park (Fallingbrook Falls in Orleans.) The cast consisted of stunt-actors Dennis Lafond who played the Pirate and Alain Moussi who played the Ninja. The video was shot using a Sony FX1 and edited using Adobe software (Premiere Pro and After Effects).

The video production hit YouTube in July, if you haven’t yet seen it, please watch it now!! Click this link to watch Pirates vs Ninjas.

I love watching “behind the scenes” or “the making of” features! As a video producer, I love seeing how these special effects are achieved so I can learn and improve my own video editing abilities.

To this end, we’ve released “The making of Pirates vs Ninjas”, an Ottawa video production.

Check it out!

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