HD Video Production Services

Video is the most effective way to connect with your audience and create long lasting trust. 

We offer a full range of HD video production services, from concept to completion. This Includes videography, studio filming, green screen production, special effects & animation, professional sound recording and expert post-production video editing.

The Nuclear Bomb of Marketing!

They might seem like cute little timewasters, but viral web video has made a major and profound impact on the way people …read “consumers”… react to your marketing! This social media phenomenon is the perfect vehicle for getting all your important sales and marketing messages working for you 7/24! 


Low Cost, High Impact Corporate Video

Our video production services are taylor fitted for the small business owner with a limited budget. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to get professional quality.

What is the purpose of YOUR video?

Promotional Video Production

Promote your product, service or business with a fun and exciting promo video. A quick and dynamic promotional video can be used over and over! Looping a DVD of your promo at the next big trade show or simply showcasing your video to thousands of viewers on YouTube. 

A promo video gets people excited about you and your product!


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Interview Video Production

New Powerful Content Web Marketing Tool!

Each IMX Interview Video is geared to your business brand and to your intended audience. We add professional flare with Hollywood quality titles and graphics and boost effectiveness with bullet points for increased retention! We’ll interview you and even help you put the script together!


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Training Video Production

Training videos are an excellent way to educate customers and employees. Image your employees watching a corporate training video directly on your website. Image distributing a professional DVD training video to you customers instructing them how to use your product or service.

Every job, every skill requires training. Every product requires instructions. Instead of including a boring old instruction manual. Consider a dynamic and exciting training video production. It will save you time and money!


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Event Videography / Event Video Production

Hosting a corporate event? A seminar or trade show? We can provide a team of videographers with professional HD video production equipment to capture every aspect of your event. Once captured on video, we can transform your event into a promotional video to be distributed to clients and to promote your next event!


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Action Logo Production

Logo design and branding doesn’t stop with your business card. It transcends the print medium into video! So why not create a 3D animated logo video to complete your branding package.

Do you market your business and yourself on YouTube?  Make a lasting impression with a custom animated video intro. It really adds that professional look and feel! 

Anyone can film and post video on YouTube, there are litterary thousands of videos uploaded every day! Stand up and stand out from the masses, give your next video a profesional 3D animated logo video intro.


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Green Screen Video Production

Green Green production is a technique called Chroma Keying where a person is filmed in front of a colored screen (typically green or blue) and that color is then removed and replaced with a 3D or static background during video editing.

This process is great for corporate video because we can add dynamic backgrounds to compliment the content of the video. It also doesn’t restrict us from shooting the video in locations that would otherwise be impossible or simply too expensive. For example, shoot your promotional video on a deserted island OR on top of a skyscraper. Anywhere you can imagine, you can shoot from without ever leaving the comfort of our green screen studio.


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