A few years ago, Third Brigade hired us to produce a video for display on a 50″ TV for their backdrop at a mega-computer convention. 

Third Brigade was a hot Ottawa based high-tech start-up with a killer network security product that boasted an amazing “deep-packet inspection technology”. 

Our 61 second ottawa video production shows how their technology works.  But it tells the story in a way YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!

Reports from Third Brigade say the video stopped conventioneers (AKA potential customers) dead in their tracks and many watched the video over and over.  What better way to get and keep your new and existing customers happy, entertained and right where you want them? What product do you think will come to mind when they need to buy network security?  Which product will be playing over and over in their minds???

Take a guess 😉

Soon after the video was produced, Third Brigade was bought up and everyone lived happily ever after.  Was this just because of our video?  Hard to say but there seems to be a correlation! 

Massive success in 2011!  From Alain, John & Robert!

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