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Wordpress Maintenance

Your WordPress website requires regular ongoing maintenance in order to function properly.


The developers at WordPress are constantly working to improve the technology; therefore updated versions of the WordPress software are constantly being released and websites need to be manually updated to stay in sync with these latest versions.

The same goes with plugins!

Plugins are third party software which add specific functionality to each individual website. Each website can easily have a few dozen plugins! These plugins also need be updated to make sure they remain compatible with the latest WordPress versions.

Themes must also be updated!

Themes (or templates) are what give your website it’s unique look and feel. These themes must also be regularly updated to insure compatibility with the latest WordPress software.

Security & Hack Defence

It’s a simple fact these days that website hacks, viruses and malware can AND will happen! It is imperative that you take preventative measures to protect your website from attack. Security plugins are a must! Keeping your website’s plugins and themes up to date can also help prevent malware from infecting your website.

Malware Cleaning

Even with all the proper protection in place, a site infection can happen… what now? The malicious code must be manually removed as quickly as possible to avoid permanent and irreversible damage to your website. Also, websites with prolonged infection can become blacklisted by search engines such as Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important in order to rank high in Google search results. However simply placing some META tags here and there is not sufficient. An ongoing SEO strategy is required in order to properly secure a high rank in search results.

Content Updates

We know you’re busy! …after all, you’re running a business! You probably don’t have time to spend updating photos on your website, posting new blog entries, adding client testimonials, etc.. etc..

That’s why it’s so efficient to have a web team make those updates for you. Wether it’s weekly blog updates, seasonal service changes, yearly design tune-ups or full corporate brand changes…. we’ve got you covered!


Social Media Updates

Although we do recommend using Social Media networks yourself (after all, no one knows your business better than you). Our team can help take a load off by creating strategically scheduled posts to augment your social media efforts!

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